How Long Does Instacart Background Check Take?

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Curious about the timeline for an Instacart background check? Whether you’re eager to start earning with this popular grocery delivery platform or simply wondering about the process, it’s essential to have clarity. The duration from application to approval can vary based on multiple factors. Understanding this timeline can ease the anticipation and uncertainty often accompanying background checks.

This article will delve into how long an Instacart background check takes, shedding light on the stages involved and what could potentially impact the timeframe. By the end, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the process, empowering you with the knowledge needed to navigate the waiting period. So, if you’re ready to gain insights and alleviate any apprehensions about the duration of an Instacart background check, let’s dive in.

Understanding the Instacart background check process

When you apply to become a shopper or driver for Instacart, part of the onboarding process involves a background check. This is a standard procedure to ensure the safety and security of the platform’s users. The background check typically includes reviewing your criminal history, driving record (if applicable), and other relevant documents.

The background check process begins as soon as you submit your application and consent to the screening. Once initiated, the screening company will gather the necessary information to complete the background check. This may involve accessing databases of criminal records, driving violations, and other pertinent data. Additionally, the completeness and accuracy of the information provided by the applicant can impact the speed of this initial phase.

Factors Affecting The Duration Of The Background Check

Several factors can influence the time for an Instacart background check to be completed. One significant factor is the volume of background checks being processed by the screening company. During peak periods, such as when Instacart experiences a surge in new applications, the screening company may face a higher workload, potentially causing delays in processing individual background checks. Similarly, external factors, such as the availability of court records and other official data sources, can impact the speed of the background check process.

The complexity of an individual’s background can also impact the duration of the background check. For example, if an applicant has lived in multiple states or jurisdictions, the screening company may need to access and review records from each location. This can extend the timeline as it requires coordination and verification across different databases and authorities. Additionally, suppose an applicant has a criminal history or driving violations. In that case, the screening company may need to conduct a more in-depth review, which can contribute to a longer processing time.

Typical Timeline For Instacart Background Checks

While the exact duration of an Instacart background check can vary, the platform typically aims to complete the screening process within 10-14 business days from when the application and consent are submitted. This timeframe includes the data collection phase, review and verification of the gathered information, and the generation of a comprehensive report for Instacart to assess. It’s important to note that this is a general guideline, and individual cases may experience deviations from this timeline based on the factors above.

However, it’s crucial to remain patient and allow the screening company time to conduct a thorough and accurate review. Rushing or attempting to expedite the process beyond its natural course may not yield positive results and could potentially introduce errors or oversights.

Tips For Expediting The Background Check Process

While the background check process is primarily outside of an applicant’s direct control, some proactive steps can be taken to expedite the process. First and foremost, ensuring that all information provided during the application is accurate and complete can help avoid unnecessary delays. Any discrepancies or missing details may prompt the screening company to seek clarification, which can extend the processing time.

Additionally, staying responsive and accessible can facilitate a smoother background check process. In some cases, the screening company may need to verify specific details or request additional information directly from the applicant. Promptly addressing these requests and providing the necessary documentation or clarification can help keep the process moving forward without unnecessary delays. While these actions may not guarantee a faster background check, they can provide a more efficient and streamlined experience.

Common Reasons For Delays In Background Check Approval

Despite the best efforts of the applicant and the screening company, delays in approving a background check can occur. Understanding common reasons for these delays can help manage expectations and navigate the waiting period more effectively. One prevalent reason for delays is incomplete or inconsistent information in the applicant’s records. This can lead to the need for additional verification, potentially prolonging the processing time.

Delays can be attributed to the existence of similarly named individuals with records that may be mistaken for those of the applicant. This can lead to a process known as “manual review,” where human intervention is required to differentiate between the applicant’s records and those of others with similar names or identifying information. While this is necessary to ensure accuracy, it can introduce delays in the approval process.

How To Check The Status Of Your Instacart Background Check

To alleviate any uncertainty during the waiting period, Instacart provides a streamlined process for applicants to check the status of their background check. By logging in with the supplied credentials, applicants can navigate to the background check section and view real-time updates on the progress of their screening. This transparency allows applicants to stay informed and eliminates the need for repeated inquiries or concerns about the status of their background checks.

Applicants need to monitor these communication channels regularly and respond promptly to requests to ensure a smooth and timely completion of the background check.

What To Do If Your Background Check is Taking Longer Than Expected

If your background check takes longer than the typical 10-14 business day window, remaining patient and avoiding undue stress is essential. As previously mentioned, various factors can influence the duration of background checks, and occasional delays are not uncommon. However, an extended period has passed without any updates on your background check status. It may be advisable to contact Instacart’s support team for assistance.

When contacting support regarding your background check, it’s helpful to provide any relevant details or documentation that may assist in expediting the review process. This can include updated contact information, clarification on potential discrepancies, or other pertinent information that may help the screening company complete their assessment. Instacart’s support team is typically responsive and dedicated to assisting applicants through the onboarding process, including any issues related to the background check.

Instacart Background Check Approval and Next Steps

Once approval has been given to your background check, confirmation will be received from Instacart, typically through the applicant dashboard or email. This notification will outline the next steps in the onboarding process, which may include additional training, setting up your account, and getting ready to start earning with Instacart. Reviewing and following the instructions carefully is essential to ensure a seamless transition into active status as a shopper or driver.

With the background check approval secured, you’re one step closer to enjoying the flexibility and earning potential that Instacart offers. Whether you’re delivering groceries or fulfilling orders as a shopper, this milestone represents the culmination of your efforts to join the Instacart community. Embrace this achievement and prepare for an exciting journey ahead as you embark on your role with the platform.


Navigating an Instacart background check duration requires patience, understanding, and proactive engagement. By comprehending the process, factors influencing the timeline, and potential steps to expedite the review, applicants can approach the waiting period with confidence and clarity. While occasional delays may arise, staying informed and responsive can contribute to a smoother experience.

Ultimately, the background check approval signifies the gateway to opportunities with Instacart, opening the door to a rewarding and flexible role in grocery delivery and shopping. As you await the outcome of your background check, remain positive and poised for the exciting journey that awaits approval.

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